Weekly Top 10s

In no particular order

  1. Laura, you are so rad!
  2. If you, or one of your friends, is having a baby, check out this beautiful DYI.
  3. I love these prints!
  4. This is an excellent lunch or dinner idea!
  5. That’s right. Switch it up.
  6. I love the story & the recipe.
  7. Ladies, I wish I was with you. These look amazing. You can bet I’ll be making BOTH of them.
  8. Are you prepping for a busy month? Prep & freeze veggie burgers.
  9. Instagram tips.
  10. If you weren’t feeling inspired by the chocolate beet cake recipe I posted the other day, check this out.

Hold on! There’s more…

  1. I’m definitely making this before summer is over
  2. Loving this book right now.
  3. I know this is old, but it’s so funny. Hello?


  • Reply August 16, 2012

    kelly (@kelly_bakes)

    oh that cobbler! my heart! and the photos! gah! It makes me wish I had a cottage by the sea where I could sit on the porch and watch the sunset while eating the last bites of summer. [someday… sigh.]

    • Reply August 16, 2012


      Someday for me too! Maybe we’ll be neighbours. 🙂

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