Weekly Top 10s

In no particular order

  1. I know I already told you about this cookbook, but I’m so excited because it comes out on Aug 28th. You can bet I’ve got mine on pre-order. Here’s a sampling: Toasted millet saladGreek grilled chicken with tzatziki, & quick apricot jam.
  2. DIY clutch. Such a cool idea.
  3. I love this video 
  4. I’ve been craving a REAL brownie lately. Not an everyday brownie that I try to healthify. The naughty kind. A fudgy, rich, deeply satisfying one. The kind where you can really only eat one. Ok, maybe two. Well, three, even if you know you shouldn’t. These look like they fit the bill. 
  5. Shut up! I want to eat this now!
  6. Got 20 minutes? You can do this. Check it out. Now check out mine. It took no time at all.
  7. 5 Star Yelp review of the womb.
  8. Seriously impressive!
  9. This in definitely in the plans.
  10. You may have already seen this back in the day, but you will only be a better person for watching it again. I can’t get enough.



  • Reply August 25, 2012


    OMG, #10 kills me. SO cute!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply September 8, 2012


    Kris! That cat video is SO cute. I must repost this! Love your blog!!

  • Reply September 21, 2012


    Ooo you should include pics in the top ten!!

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