It’s the Weekend! 5 Brunch Recipes for a Leisurely Morning

I love a leisurely breakfast on the weekends, with friends and family or just on my own with a good magazine, book, or catching up on all the great blogs that I read (there are even more, as mentioned here). Here are 5 brunch recipes for a leisurely morning. Enjoy!

This Coffee Cinnamon Cardamom Granola from me. It is quite seriously, the BEST granola I’ve ever made. I know I said that about this one (and it is really good!). But come on! As one friend put it, “coffee in my cereal? Heck yes!”Coffee Cinnamon Cardamom Granola via 80twenty #vegan #glutenfree

These Hard-Boiled Eggs with Dukkah from me via Tuja Wellness. Serve with greens and toast and you’re totally set. So flavourful, you’ll never think of eggs the same way again.Hard-Boiled Eggs with Dukkah // 80twenty via Tuja Wellness

This (gluten- and grain-free) Italian Apple Cake over at Healthy Green Kitchen. Grain-free cake? Amazing!Italian Apple Cake (grain and gluten free) by Healthy Green Kitchen

This Pumpkin Earl Grey Latte from With Food + Love. The magic word right now is pumpkin.Pumpkin Earl Grey Latte via With Food + Love

These Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Waffles from Healthful Pursuit. I’m working on some waffle recipes myself and can’t get enough of the crispy edges these days.Gluten-free and Sugar-free Waffles from Healthful Pursuit


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