Green St. Patty’s Day Hangover Cures (you’ll be thanking me for later)

Happy St. Patty’s Day (or day after), everyone!

If you’re anything like my neighbours, you’ve been celebrating long and hard for a couple of days now. Since I spent most of St. Patrick’s day writing up an assignment that is due tomorrow (that I’ve had months to work on, of course), I could only fantasize about what was on their celebratory menu. If it were up to me I would have asked for these Guiness battered fish & chips with these delightfully green chocolate cupcakes with chocolate amaretto buttercream for dessert.

If their celebratory ruckus involved as much alcohol as I suspect it might have, I’d like to direct them over here to help with with their recovery. I’ve rounded up my Top 10 truly green recipes to offer up some health for a post St. Patty’s day (or any day) hangover cure. Let food be thy medicine, friends.

  1. Let’s get this party started right: Tips for drinking more water & how to make it easier.
  2. This juice. Holler!
  3. This green breakfast bowl.
  4. You didn’t know what to do with kelp noodles, but now you do! No excuses.
  5. This everything salad which is modifiable to whatever you have in your kitchen.
  6. I am in love with everything about this sushi bowl.
  7. And while we’re on to sushi… how about these quinoa roles?
  8. How about these ones? Did you know that salad rolls are one of my favourite dishes?
  9. Craving something warm? This Roasted Buddha Bowl will do the trick.
  10. Or if you’re feeling soupy, how about this tomato dal?

If you’re looking for more ideas, you could always check out my recipe archive. Let me give you a few suggestions: This salad (quick before pomegranates are gone!), this dish is amazing year round, this soup because you need a dish you can make with your eyes closed, and of course, you can’t have a getting back on track list without mention of a green smoothie. Here is a favourite of mine (picture above).


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  • Reply March 18, 2013

    Kelly @ Kelly Bakes

    I’m going to save these…for a friend. Love the water tips and I’ve never had a Buddha bowl! I’ve also heard kombucha works wonders! I’ve got two jars going that I drink anyway, but if they’ve hot additional benefits, all the better!

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