Top 10s
This week’s fabulous finds. In no particular order…
  1. This jumping baby goat! The epitome of cuteness.
  2. Chocolate & spirits tasting. What a cool idea!!
  3. Bring it on down to Vegan Ville!
  4. I’m losing my mind over how delicious this looks!
  5. If you still don’t know why you should eat more fruit & veggies, here’s some inspiration. So funny & so true.
  6. Great tips for bringing a lunch from home.
  7. I could get down with these no bake cookie bars.
  8. Grain-free inspiration, right here.
  9. Next up on our dessert menu: These apple oat tartlets.
  10. This carrot soup is catching my attention.
  11. In case you were wondering, we’re still enjoying those little tea cakes up there.


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