Top 10s (give or take a few)

I couldn’t keep it to 10…

  1. This is the most beautiful bowl of soup I have ever seen, Laura.
  2. Have you heard of Amelie et Les Singes Bleus? If not, you’re in for a treat. They’re a local band, they play a mean show, and their album (a mix of French jazz, blues, funk, and folk) is amazing!
  3. I love artichokes, so this post made my day!
  4. DIY body scrubs, here and here.
  5. I went into this with some trepidation, but now I’m a total convert. Trust.
  6. 10 decisions that change your life.
  7. I kind of get obsessed with burgers in the summer. I’ve already made these. And you can bet I’ll be making these and these. If you come back next week, I also have a burger recipe for you.
  8. For all the gluten-free folks, this is seriously genius. She even made infographics!
  9. I made these and, yes, they were everything I dreamed they’d be.
  10. An open letter to anyone who eats from my friend, Winnie. This is it, girl!
  11. These bars!
  12. This girl is a rising star!! And she’s 17. What?!  Izzy, your videos are the best. Let’s be friends.


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