3-Ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

3-Ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt // 80twenty3-Ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt // 80twentyThe past few weeks I’ve been busy working on a site redesign. While I advised on style, feel, and overall look, L spent countless hours diving into code, testing out css, and resolving design problems that seemed unresolvable. It’s been weeks of anticipation, butterflies, let-downs, stress, excitement, and, more swear words than I’d like to admit. It started when I hired the lovely and talented Kristen Hedges to design a new logo for me. In the beginning, I only ever planned to put the fancy new logo into my old site and call it a day. But when I put her beautiful artwork up onto my site, it only seemed to highlight how dated my old site looked.  Being the perfectionist that I am,  that spurred an impromptu site design and we’ve been working non-stop ever since. And though I’ll continue to make adjustments and tweaks, I’m feeling pretty good about where things are at right now. (Whaddaya think?)

For those of you who write blogs, you know how much behind-the scenes work goes into putting up a single post. For me, it takes almost a full-day’s worth of work (and that doesn’t include recipe testing, which could take days and sometimes weeks of time). It’s a labour of love, but it can certainly take over life at times. So today I bring you simplicity with this 3 ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.  I  took the best quality yogurt that I could find (this is my absolute favourite) and stirred in maple syrup and aromatic vanilla bean seeds, which yielded a beautifully speckled, fragrant, and sweetly tart yogurt.  For how incredibly fresh and satisfying it is, you would think that more work went into preparing it. As the weather begins to warm up, I urge you to make this treat. If you ever equated vanilla with the word “boring”, your mind will forever be changed.

3-Ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt // 80twenty3-Ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt // 80twenty3-Ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt // 80twenty

3-Ingredient Maple Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Recipe Type: Vegetarian, Desserts
Author: Kris
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
All you need is 3 good-quality ingredients and you’re mere minutes away from some of the best frozen yogurt you’ve ever had. It’s really important to use full-fat yogurt for the satiety and mouth feel it provides. Lower-fat yogurt will form more ice crystals.
  • 3 cups full-fat plain yogurt (4%) *I love [url href=”http://www.saugeencountrydairy.com/yogurt.html” target=”_blank”]this local yogurt[/url] and everything that they stand for
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup (or more or less to suit your taste) *Remember that the sweetness factor is reduced as things freeze
  • 1 whole vanilla bean, halved and seeds scraped out *See [url href=”http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-use-a-whole-vanilla-bean-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-181511″ target=”_blank”]this[/url] for helpful tips
  1. Mix the yogurt with the vanilla bean seeds and the desired amount of maple syrup until incorporated. [url href=”http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-use-a-whole-vanilla-bean-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-181511″ target=”_blank”]You can use the vanilla pod for other things[/url].
  2. Refrigerate to ensure the yogurt is cold. Depending on when you first took it out, this could take 30 minutes to a few hours.
  3. Pour into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, you can try [url href=”http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2007/07/making-ice-crea-1/” target=”_blank”]this method[/url].
  4. I think this frozen yogurt is served best as soon as it comes out of the ice cream maker. At this point, it’s smooth and very few ice crystals have formed. But, if you decide to freeze it for awhile before serving, remember to give it time to thaw a little (to scoopable consistency) before dishing it out.





  • Reply April 2, 2014


    Lovely new design Kris!!! And this frozen yogurt looks fantastic 🙂

    • Reply April 8, 2014


      Thanks so much, Winnie!

  • Reply April 4, 2014

    Kelly @ Kelly Bakes

    Your site looks wonderful! Your hard work (+ L’s too obviously!) paid off. Also, this froyo? Sounds divine (and so very simple… which I appreciate!)

    • Reply April 8, 2014


      Muchas gracias, lovely lady!

  • Today is actually the first time I’ve visited your blog, but on the homepage (before I even read this post), I was immediately struck by the beautiful design. I don’t know what you had before, but your site is just stunning now. The images and the way they are displayed are gorgeous. This recipe looks delicious too – I love simple, wholesome recipes and this fits the bill perfectly!

    • Reply April 8, 2014


      Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Leslie!

  • Reply May 8, 2014


    Wow, this recipe looks fantastic! I recently got an ice cream maker as a housewarming gift, and have only made one recipe so far… I can’t believe how EASY it is to make frozen yogurt – I’m totally going to make this recipe after my next shopping trip.

  • Reply May 20, 2014


    I am SO excited about this. I’ve been wanting to make frozen yogurt but haven’t tried it yet. Looks too easy! Have you ever tried using full-fat Greek yogurt?

    • Reply May 20, 2014


      The sweet from the maple and the tart from the yogurt are pretty ahhmazing! I haven’t tried full-fat Greek, but that’s just because I love this other one so much. It’s a much thicker consistency, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. I’d love to know if you try it. I’ll probably get around to trying something with Greek in the next month or two. I just made an espresso froyo with chocolate drizzle tonight. Oooh man, I think my ice-cream machine is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

  • first time visitor and your blog is a BEAUT!! fresh and clean with lovely photos! i am drooling over this frozen yogurt – brilliantly easy… can’t wait to try!

    • Reply May 30, 2014


      Thanks, Lindsay!! Same to you. I just spent 45 minutes looking through your creative decorating tutorials. Thank goodness I found you through FBC and Molly. Whoop!

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