The Best Healthy Snacks (that you wouldn’t even know were healthy)

The best healthy snacks // www.80twenty.caWhen I’m not here, or at school, I keep myself pretty busy with a lot of other things, including writing a healthy snacks column for this amazing wellness website, Tuja Wellness. Founded as Healthy Living Canada in 2009, the company changed the name to Tuja (pronounced 2-ja) just over a year ago and it continues to provide an online guide to the best-of-the-best when it comes to health and wellness across Canada. Just recently, we were even nominated for a Canadian Online Publishing Award. Whoot! Next year we’ll win it!.

I contribute to other writing projects as they come up, but since last summer, I regularly write a column called “Snack Attack” where I help readers prep interesting and healthy snacks for their busy week ahead. You can follow me over there, along with the many other talented writers, photographers, and health and wellness experts, but today I thought I’d bring a little of Tuja to you by sharing my 5 favourite Snack Attack posts since I began writing for them. So without further ado:

1. Double Chocolate Power Cookies The best healthy snacks // 80twentySay what?!? Yep, their double chocolate and they’ll power you through that rough afternoon slump. (Gluten-free and vegan)

2. Rosemary Parsnip Fries with Horseradish Dipping SauceThe best healthy snacks // 80twentyYou’ll never look at fries the same way. And that sauce? Cray.  (Gluten-free and vegetarian)

3. Pumped Up Seeded CrackersThe best healthy snacks // 80twentyQuite possibly the BEST crackers I’ve ever eaten. They have the word crack in them for a reason. Wait, is that rude?  (Gluten-free and vegan)

4. Sriracha-Sesame Roasted GarbanzosThe best healthy snacks // 80twentyA little sweet, a little spicy. Pow! It’s a party in your mouth. Wait, is that also rude?  (Gluten-free and vegan)

5. Powerhouse Peanut Butter CupsThe best healthy snacks // 80twentyAll I have to say is, “make these now!” You will not regret it.  (Gluten-free and vegetarian–because of the honey, otherwise vegan)


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  • Reply February 5, 2014

    Janice Parker

    where are the recipes to go with these pictures? I sure would like to have them.

    • Reply February 6, 2014


      Hi Janice, Just click on the titles. You’ll see that they are hyperlinks and they’ll take you directly to the recipes. Enjoy!

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