Things I’m Loving Lately

Lynn Crawford's Roasted Cauliflower // 80twenty #KitchenAidCulinary

  1. This chickpea pizza with harissa and spinach. I’ve never met Molly, but I’d like to be her friend in real life. (Hi Molly.)
  2. DIY scrabble tile fridge magnets.
  3. This stew, and Jenny’s forthcoming cookbook.
  4. This is SO awesome: 3 different flavours of homemade vegan doritos!
  5. Cats who have mastered the art of sleep-fu. There’s gotta be at least one animal post. I love the furry creatures, especially this one.
  6. My girl Kelly made us these crazy waffles.
  7. I’ve been making my own beauty products (like this lip scrub), and this Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie Scrub really caught my eye.
  8. Next up: Unbelievable bread. Also, this unbelievable blog that I’ve just discovered and have fallen in love with.
  9. An amazing way to use up almond pulp.
  10. As per the above photo: This past weekend I went to a KitchenAid event with my friend Laura and we made some delicious eats from Lynn Crawford’s cookbook.

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