Berry-Packed Macaroon Muffins

Berry Packed Macaroon Muffins | Baked the Blog via @80twenty

Last week I made pancakes for breakfast 3 days in a row. During the week!! Since moving into my new place, I’ve only had the motivation (and requisite kitchen accoutrements) to make toast and quesadillas. (Thank god for frying pans, I tell you!) So it felt a miracle when I woke up one morning, saw an overly rip banana sitting on the counter alongside a bag of the most delicious oats I’d ever tasted, and concluded that I should turn them into pancakes. (Sidebar: This is not an affiliate link. They are seriously the best oats I’ve ever had. ) But I digress. When the weekend rolled around and I’d finally unpacked a few more boxes and gotten a little of my kitchen mojo back, I embarked on making these muffins. It was a good choice, guys. Good choice!Berry Packed Macaroon Muffins | Baked the Blog via @80twentyBerry Packed Macaroon Muffins | Baked the Blog via @80twenty

I’ve made these muffins a half-dozen times in the last year. I keep returning to them because they’re simple, quick, and they taste bonkers good! You could bake this batter in a loaf of cake pan if you want, but I quite like muffins for their pack-and-go quality and individual portion sizes. The hefty portion of coconut, complimented by almond meal and oat flour make them a stellar breakfast choice, what with all their fibre and good fat. There’s also very little sugar compared to standard muffin recipes, so they’re just a tad sweet. And anyway, there’s berries, right? Bright, tart, fruity, antioxidant-rich berries. Muffins for breakfast that are not just little cakes! Pretty awesome. I’m all about the good breakfasts these days: pancakes, hearty muffins, creamy scrambled eggs, avocado toast, granola, etc., etc. You know the drill. It’s the most important (and delicious) meal of the day, so why not get on board? For more on these muffins, including the recipe, head on over to Baked-the Blog.


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  • It’s 11 pm here right now and I can’t wait for breakfast just so I could make these. On second thought, I’m sure there isn’t a law that says I’m not allowed to make these muffins at this hour so…

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